This section is for amplifiers exclusively - that doesn't mean that every manufacturer, type, etc., will be represented here, it just means taht whatever I feel like putting up will be about amps. "My Choice", as it were....

Manufacturers - A list of links to various amp manufacturers.
Parts - Where to get all your favorite amp parts (this page is geared toward the do-it-yourselfer).
Electronics - Info & links regarding the theory behind tube amp construction.
Modifications - A page dedicated to modifications you can make with limited skill & tools.
Repairs - A list of places to get yer amp fixed.
Schematics - This is where I will post selected schematics, some original, some re-drawn.
Vintage Gear - Dedicated to the greatest amps ever built.
Links - A list of every amp-related link on this site.
Miscellaneous - Various amp related crap.

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