I Am Ampcat
(A Brief History)

Once upon a time, I was married, adn we had a cat that liked to sit on amplifiers, so we called her ampcat. Well, ampcat lives with my ex-wife in Muir Beach, but I kept the site going mainly because it's a kick-ass design. Anyway, here's what you'll find under knob #1:

Ampcat's Gear Guitars and amps I've owned over the years.
Ampcat Rocks Recordings of me and my friends making complete fools of ourselves.
Photos Travel photos, art photos, dick photos - it's all inside.
Ask the Rat My cat knows all. Ask her a question and reel at the answers.
Projects Some times I like to build things, and I document it here.
Playthings Just some fun scripts and tools I wrote.
Other Cats This page is devoted to all the other animals in my life.
The Wombat Defunct
King Bufo This is my place, and here is where I do my funky thang.

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