Ampcat Rocks!
(Well, maybe just a little...)

What's an ampcat to do when she's not working (or sleeping) on amps? Manage a really great rock and roll band, that's what! Since I couldn't find one, I asked my owner if I could manage his band instead. They call themselves The Ugly Ones (I honestly don't understand how one human could be uglier than any other - you all look the same to me). So far they have recorded two CDs, neither of which is very original - in fact, they are nothing more than songs someone else has already recorded. I keep telling them that playing someone else's songs in your garage is not a career, but they don't listen to me (did I mention they're ugly AND stupid?)

Anyway, here's the links to their recordings, conveniently in Mp3 format. I can't guarantee you'll like it, but it's good for a laugh.

The Ugly Ones: Very Special People

The Ugly Ones: Lucky@Cards

Featuring The Ballad of Herve Villechaize

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