(Bufo Absurdus)

Lately I find myself overcome by fits of nihilistic disgust. My forbearance does not accurately reflect my intent, but soon I will correct everything that needs it.

Here, suck my sweet marrow:

My real name is Ryan Dunn.
I'm (jesus no) 32 years old.
I have no political affiliation. I do, however, enjoy both money & firearms, and I believe that if you refuse to work, you should be left to starve in the street, so I guess that would make me conservative.
I run a website called The Virtual Beer Garden.
I also own a company called ToadWorks.
I used to build guitars.
I build tube amps for fun.
I live in San Diego.
I actually own my dream car.
I am currently the Director of Information Technology for a company called EWI Holdings Inc.. My former employers include Boostowrks (oh MAN that was a sweet gig),, Netscape Communications, Persistence Software, and Studio Archetype
Every once in a while I like to shave my head.
I used to have a statuette of Ganesh on my desk.
I occasionally sell things on ebay.
My office is full of orchids.
Monkeys, too.
I have a sweetie named Faythe.
My favorite genres of movies are a)women in prison, and b) zombies. I also like old school Hong Kong action films, Blaxploitation movies, and really, really bad movies - the worse the better. My latest acquisitions include Dolemite and The Black Six.
I like it when girls cry - it makes me laugh (especially whiny bitches who can't get a man. Then it's even funnier.).
I have a camera on my desk that peiodically takes a picture of whatever I have it pointed at.
My favorite guitarists include Frank Zappa, Al DiMeola & Ted Nugent
Doug Harrison actually had sex this year. Amazing.
I have one cat (The Rat).

That's pretty much it. I'm a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a yellow spongy exterior.

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