Other Cats
(Bock and Oreo, the rat cat)


It is just like Josephine to hog all the glory. Let me introduce myself; my name is Bock.

I joined up with the Dunn's back when they were living in Southern California. As a kitten, I was separated from my first family. The boy loved me dearly. He was the one who convinced his parents to take me to the vet after I was hit by the car. My lower jaw was broken in multiple locations and the vet wired me up. *Sigh* I often what happened to my first family. Anyway, we were taking a trip to see some relative of the parents when I tumbled out of the car when it was rounding a turn. I was terrified and hid.

I fended for myself for about a week. I missed having a warm house and lots of love. So, one of the doors opened at the house where I was hiding and I darted in. *Grin* I really startled Ian, Ryan's older brother. Ryan and I hit it off from the start.

I had many friends growing with Ryan. Fitz was one. I really miss him. He and I were tight. Unfortunately, Fitz wasn't the sharpest claw on a paw. Good guy, though.

Ryan and Jennifer moved to San Francisco without me at first! Can you believe it? They finally realized the error of their ways and returned to get me. We had a good drive up. I like to travel. Find that surprising? Most people do. After I got here, Jennifer brought home Josie (AmpCat), the Maine Coon. Man, at first all Jo could talk about was her long pedigree and how great it was. She's settled down, finally. I didn't think she ever would.

Then...Oreo came into the house.


Originally, I came from Chile with a shipment of wine. My mother was a vineyard cat who was too curious about one of the shipping crates. I was the only kitten born in the crate on route to the United States.

I forget the name, but one of the rich computer geeks in Silicon Valley owns our vineyard in Chile. Anyway, Mom spoiled me terribly. She must have been devastated when I hopped out of the car at a light to chase a butterfly but that comes later. When we finally arrived at the airport and the crate was opened by by the Geek, he and my mom fell head over heel in love. She was a perfectly white cat with blue eyes. Magnificent creature. The Geek used to say my mother must have been attacked to produce such a funny marked kitten. It wasn't true. Mom said my dad was the handsome cat she'd ever seen. She would hug me just a bit more when her Geek would say such mean things about her lovely baby.

There was always plenty to do at the Geek's place. Mom had her own servant that brought her food. She never again had to make a living chasing mice. She finally got all she deserved; no one could have asked for a better mother. One day we were out for a ride in the Geek's limo. We had stopped at a light and there was a beautiful butterfly outside the window. I couldn't resist and leaped out at the winged seraphant. I heard my mother's cries before the roar of the cars muffled her.

I chased the butterfly for a while then started to wander around looking for mother. I tried going back the way we came but I soon became confused by all the sights, sounds and smells.

I got onto the freeway, and this was the most terrifying experience of my life. Then Master (Ryan) came to my rescue! He darted across 2 lanes of rush hour traffic in Silicon Valley to rescue me, the rat cat. He brought me home to Jennifer but my heart already belonged to him. I can't remember who's idea it was to call me Oreo but Jen wanted to call me Freeway. She and I are uneasy housemates. She adores AmpCat and Bock but she and I don't mesh. Unless it is bedtime. I'll cuddle with her if He isn't around.

Josie and I are great pals. She is still a big kitten and I am a kitten! We chase each other like there is no tomorrow. She is my best friend after Ryan. Jennifer posted my favorite picture of Ryan and I. Anyone can see how I am watching over him.


SSS..technically, i'm not a cat..SSS..but i have been around the longest..5 years..SSS..i lisp..SSS..even longer then Bocko..five SSS years of pleasure..SSS..we'd go to the park..draped around her neck and the long coils wrapping her warm waist..SSS..she picked me from litter mates..SSS..her hands were warm open and friendly...SSS...never tried to shape me the wrong direction..SSS..only once did i suffer at her dinner tormented one noticed...SSSS..she felt awful..i never kill for the cats...SSS...i will always have a home..SSS..


Basically, she calls me her little boy. I like to nip, buck and play. We are figuring eachother out and gaining respect on both sides. Jenny is taking riding lessons and I can tell we are getting better together. I think it takes a lot of time and effort to get really good. She's been talking about taking me to horse shows next year, maybe.

I still have a lot to work on. I get very confused with the turns on the forehand and haunches. It's really tough. Last lesson, we had a fight over turning right on the haunches. She yanked on me pretty hard. I know she felt bad, but when she is very light I can't feel the request through the bit. My trainer was talking about putting a roper bit on me. Looks like a mouthful! Oh, I forgot to mention, I was smacked in the face and have extensive nerve damage in my mouth and lips. Jenny doesn't know how little I feel...They were also talking about using a mechanical hackamore or a sidepull. I just want to know what she wants so she isn't angry with me.

Let's see. I live in Milpitas, California. My stall over looks the San Francisco Bay. I hear people pay a lot of money for the same view I have! Kind of funny this view belongs to a horse! I have a fairly small stall so Jenny tries to get me out every day. Except for Mondays. I think that is her day off. *Sigh* I miss her when she doesn't come up to see me. I have a young Arabian colt on my left. He's a spoilt thing. Tuxedo is on my right. We nipped each other so often they put up a board to separate us.

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