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Basically this is a collection of random things I recorded years ago. Most of it is truly aweful, and I only post it for pure comedic purposes. However, there are a few snippets of coolness here and there... and I already know it sucks, so you don't need to email me to tell me it sucks. I was in High School, and we used a shitty little 4-track cassette recorder. So bite me.

Electric Christmas
This is something I recorded in high school for my grandmother at christmas. It's basically a collection of traditional christmas tunes mixed with some classical, arranged for string quartet. I did the arrangements myself, all by ear, and then played each part on electric instruments (high-register LP/Strat for the violin parts, low register LP/Strat for the Viola part, and Bass for the Cello parts), and I even panned the tracks to refelct sitting facing a string quartet. I actually got pretty creative with the recording process, a good example is God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, I did my best to make the guitars sould like horns without resorting to midi or effects. Not bad for a shitty little 4 track and some reverb.

Amazing Grace - mp3 format
Come All Ye Faithful - mp3 format
Flute Quartet in A - mp3 format
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - mp3 format
Greensleeves - mp3 format
Ode on St Cecilias Day - mp3 format
Silent Night - mp3 format
Variation 1.mp3 - mp3 format

Other Crap
Jenny Kissed Me - mp3 format
Something Tells Me - mp3 format
Strange - mp3 format
Cinnamon Girl - mp3 format
You Drive Me Crazy - mp3 format
Chains - Redux - mp3 format - with Jay Harper
As Children - mp3 format - with John Avila
Ozone Expidition 1 - mp3 format - with John Avila
Ozone Expidition 2 - mp3 format - with John Avila
Con Chiglia - mp3 format - with John Avila
As Children Revisited - mp3 format - with John Avila
The Way It Is - mp3 format - with Jay Harper
Vegetable Man (live) - mp3 format - with Jay Harper
Chains - mp3 format - with Allen Camp and Shaft
Slow Picking Thing - mp3 format - no idea what this is
Mystic Lady - mp3 format - with Allen Camp and Shaft
What Are You Doing - mp3 format - with Allen Camp and Shaft
How Long - mp3 format - with Mike Cheetham and Brian Hodo
Since You've Been Gone - mp3 format - The first thing I ever recorded!
Vegetable Man (snippet of demo) - mp3 format
Never Leave You - mp3 format
Suck Me Mr. C - mp3 format - with Jay Harper... we're giving the Raunchy Young Lepers a run for their money...
Long Ball Sweatin' - mp3 format - Yeah... I know...

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