1967 Firebird Convertible
Parts & Part numbers

This is really just for my own reference, but I keep it online just in case I'm somewhere other than home and I need to buy a replacement part. Because the original engine was replaced with a 350 Chevy, I can't just walk into a parts store and say "rotor for a '67 Firebird", because it's not the same part as what's in the car now.
Description Manufacturer Part #
Distributor Cap Napa RR171
distributor rotor Napa RR173
Exhaust Gasket for Header/Exhaust joint Napa F7139
Fan Belt Napa 7455
Fuel Filter Purolator F20011
Fuel Pump Kragen 40987
PCV Valve Purolator PV774
Starter Napa ???

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